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Wire-Free Door Closer Systems

Installation of hard-wired door closers is not always possible due to restrictions with cabling, such as asbestos or in listed buildings. In these scenarios, there is a wide range of battery-powered wire-free devices available. These are simpler to install, making them an ideal retrofit solution.

Benefits of Wire-free door closer systems

Wire-free door closers offer flexible installation that includes speedy roll-out and the ability to add to the network in phases if required. There is a choice of either acoustic or wireless (radio-controlled), both of which offer a variety of fixed hold-open and free-swing options.

Wireless (radio-controlled) systems are better suited for noisy settings and campus environments. Acoustic options provide a cost-effective alternative for smaller installations.

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Where are Wire-Free Door Closers Best Suited?

Wireless (radio-controlled) activation devices are ideally suited for noisy environments like a school campus. Wireless systems, including the Salamander by Geofire and the Pro Range from Fireco, both meet the highest standards of fire door release actuation. They both meet (Category A) standards and are suitable for all areas.

Both systems require the installation of a control unit that is connected directly to the fire alarm panel. The control unit automatically releases the remote door closers and holders when the alarm is activated. Both systems are also ‘fail to safe’.

Where are Acoustic Activated Door Closers Best Suited?

Acoustic activation devices are suitable for most environments and smaller installations. Acoustically activated devices, such as Dorgard and Freedor from Fireco along with the Agrippa range from Geofire, offer quick and cost-effective deployment of fire door controls. Responding to the sound of the fire alarm and with today’s advanced ‘listening’ technologies, there is a reduced risk of false activations.

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