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In schools and colleges, free-flow pedestrian ‘traffic’ is crucial to maintain safe and easy access in busy walkways.

Doors are predominantly required to be held in the hold-open position to allow this freedom of movement through corridors and stairwells.

However, free-swing solutions can be a more suitable option when fitted to classroom and administration doors that are not required to be open throughout the day.

Hard-wired systems are the preferred option in most cases. However, often there can be challenges with wiring in a campus environment . There are a number of wire-free solutions available to overcome this, including wireless (Radio) and acoustically activated systems. These types of systems can offer cost effective installation, quick roll-out, and scaleability.

Independent of any manufacturer, Fire Door Controls offer unbiased professional opinion on the full range of products and solutions available. We provide objective assessment of the various pros and cons of each. This ensures you are able to make the most informed decision about your own requirements before committing to any investment.

As a specialist supplier and installer with many years experience working with the education sector, we offer a high quality, professional and efficient installation service nationwide. 

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