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From the first conversation right through to commissioning of an installation, Fire Door Controls aims to provide the most professional and seamless service.

The first step in helping our customers achieve the optimum solution is to obtain a detailed understanding of their specific requirements and the issues they are seeking to overcome. Then, with our expert knowledge and being independent of any manufacturer, we are able to objectively advise on the pros and cons of each potential solution.

Once the various options have been discussed, we offer recommendations and proposals for the most suitable and cost-effective option, or options, that are available.

For installation projects, we provide costing estimates, and subject to acceptance, a detailed pre-installation site survey is carried out. For completeness, we also co-ordinate and manage any necessary third parties, such as electrical contractors and fire alarm maintainers.

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To discuss any questions or specific requirements you have with one of our expert advisors please call direct on 0845 226 0536 or go to our Contact Us page.





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