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Fire Door Closers For Residential Care Homes

The need for suitable fire door closers and holders where appropriate is possibly more important in Residential Care settings than any other environment.

Normally with a high concentration of occupants with mobility issues, the correct selection and application of suitable devices is essential. For both the welfare of residents and the efficient function of the establishment. It is also crucial to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and avoid dangerous or even illegal practices, such as wedging open fire doors.

The primary concern in most residential settings is with resident’s bedroom doors. Heavy doors present a major obstacle to most residents.


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Why suitable Fire Door Closers are essential for Residential Care Homes

1. There can be issues with overcoming the natural resistance of the door closer and some will struggle to even open the door. Especially with mobility aids.

2. Also before the resident is able to pass through the doorway the door closes on them. This can cause loss of balance and in the worst cases even injury.

Free-Swing Fire Door Closers For Residential Care Homes

Free-swing door closers, such as Freeway, are a good solution to these issues. They are specifically designed for use in restricted mobility types of circumstances. However, it is still common in some settings to use a hold-open device, such as a Dorgard, fitted to the bottom of the door or a holder on the wall behind the door. This type of solution only enables the door to be either fully closed or fully open, often leaving the resident feeling isolated or lacking privacy.

Ideally all bedroom doors should be fitted with free-swing enabled closers which provide users the required freedom of access and movement. In fact, use of this technology in the care sector is advised within Building Regulations Approved Document B, Volume 2, Section 3.52 (pg. 42) and Guidance Document 4 (Fire Safety Risk Assessment: Residential Care Premises) pages 15 and 18. Both of which recommend the use of Free Swing door closers on resident’s bedroom doors.

Why Choose Us For Fire Door Closers?

Fire Door Controls are a specialist supplier and installer with many years experience working with the Residential Care sector. We offer expert advice on the best and most cost-effective solutions available to meet this guidance. Independent of any manufacturer, we offer unbiased professional opinion on the full range of products and solutions available. Along with objective assessment of the various pros and cons of each. This ensures you are able to make the most informed decision about your own requirements before committing to any investment.

Furthermore, with our extensive experience working within operational and occupied care settings. We offer high quality, professional and efficient installation service nationwide. Whatever environment or circumstances we can help!

How we helped Russettings Care Home with their Fire Door Controls

Russettings faced the same challenge as every care home across the country – providing adequate and compliant fire safety for elderly residents living with mobility issues. Fire Door Controls delivered a solution that met with regulation standards and best practice, providing Russettings with the best result for overcoming their challenges.

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