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Retirement Living

Retirement Living residents face similar issues when it comes to fire door closers as those faced by residents in social housing and care settings.

Most residents are able-bodied when they move into a retirement property however, over time they inevitably become less mobile and are more likely to require mobility aids. For many, the resistance of an automatic door closer, which is required to meet fire safety regulations, can be a major obstacle. The problem is two-fold:

1. There can be issues with overcoming the natural resistance of the door closer and some will struggle to even open the door.

2. The other and maybe more significant issue is that before the resident is able to pass through the doorway the door closes on them, which can cause loss of balance and in the worst cases even injury.

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The overall effect of these issues can have a serious impact on the quality of life and freedom of movement for residents in retirement living properties.

The solution is often a free-swing door closer which effectively allows the door to operate as if no closer was fitted, just like any other door within the apartment. Commonly, a wire-free system was the only option available but for some there is now the option of hard-wired alternatives, such as Freeway with a wide variety of styles and finishes to match existing door furniture.

Independent of any manufacturer, Fire Door Controls offer unbiased professional opinion on the full range of products and solutions available, along with objective assessment of the various pros and cons of each. This ensures you are able to make the most informed decision about your own requirements before committing to any investment.

And as a specialist supplier and installer of alarm activated fire door closers with many years experience working within the retirement living sector, we also offer high quality, professional and efficient installation service nationwide.

To discuss any questions or specific requirements you have with one of our expert advisors please call direct on 0845 226 0536 or go to our Contact Us page.




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