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Hard-Wired Systems

With a dedicated 24v power supply and direct connection to the fire alarm system, hard-wired door closers and holders provide the highest level of safety and reliability. Compared to wire-free alternatives, they are much more a ‘Fit and Forget’ solution with no need for battery replacement or periodic resetting and trouble-shooting.

There are electromagnetic free-swing and fixed hold-open products available from all the major manufacturers to suit any application, along with a wide choice of styles and finishes to choose from.

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There are also a number of specialist products with additional safety features, such as the Freeway Anti-Slam with it’s unique ‘Assisted Reset’ feature. Supplied and installed exclusively by Fire Door Controls, the Freeway has been designed specifically for use in Care Homes, Social Housing and the Retirement Living sectors.

Installation of hard-wired closers is often much less costly than expected. When carried out by experienced installers, any disruption to normal operations can be kept to a minimum. Fire Door Controls specialise in the retrofit installation of fully commissioned systems into operational Care Homes as well as occupied Social Housing and Retirement Living settings.

To discuss any questions or specific requirements you have with one of our expert advisors please call direct on 0845 226 0536 or go to our Contact Us page.



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