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The problem…
Fire Door Control’s exclusive BCAS solution was developed to overcome a common issue faced by most councils and housing associations. Often, residents with mobility issues living in general housing without a building fire alarm system have difficulties with the legally required door closers fitted to the main entrance door. There is a need for a door that operates without resistance to allow unhindered access to and from their home.

The usual answer is to install either a free-swing door closer or a powered automatic door operator. Without a building fire alarm system, challenges and issues come with both of these options.

Free-swing door closers require a signal to activate and close a fire door in the event of an alarm using acoustic or electromagnetic as the two main methods. In respect of acoustically activated door closers, most do not respond reliably or consistently to domestic smoke or heat alarms. Furthermore, there can be issues with ongoing battery replacement and maintenance. With electro-magnetic devices, there is no alarm panel which could normally provide the 24v power supply and activation via relay switch.

In the case of powered door openers, which is often the only known effective solution available, costs average in the region of £2,000.00 + vat which means it is an unnecessarily expensive way to resolve the issue. Furthermore, as with acoustic devices activated by internal smoke alarms, in the event of a fire within the residents own property, they can become trapped when the closing mechanism is engaged due to activation by the alarm.

The other unacceptable alternative can often be that the residents remove or disables door closers which has obvious implications and potentially serious consequences.

The solution…
Having worked with numerous councils and housing associations over the years that have faced these issues, Fire Door Controls have successfully developed a way of operating an electromagnetic free-swing door closer via a standard ceiling mounted smoke alarm. This is a solution that overcomes all the issues associated with acoustic and powered options at a cost generally under £600.00 + vat per door, supplied and installed.

Utilising our Freeway Anti-Slam door closer with ‘Assisted Reset’ in combination with other tested and approved compatible components, we are able to offer an effective and reliable solution that complies with fire safety regulations, whilst at the same time providing freedom of access and independence to residents with mobility issues.

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