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Russettings Care Home

Russettings faced the same challenge as every care home across the country – providing adequate and compliant fire safety for elderly residents living with mobility issues. Fire Door Controls delivered a solution that met with regulation standards and best practice, providing Russettings with the best result for overcoming their challenges.


Who are Russettings?

Russettings is a recently refurbished 43 bedroom care home located in the heart of Balcombe in West Sussex, providing residential, nursing and dementia care for its residents.

The property is purpose-built with the focus on ensuring all residents enjoy a better quality of life and live as independently as possible whilst receiving the best care.

Sean Hurden, owner of Russettings, recognised the need to install new and compliant door closers to overcome the challenges of heavy doors for residents and meet fire safety regulations.

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Their Challenge

Heavy doors becoming a major obstacle for residents

Fire-regulated doors and closers are required for bedrooms and common areas, including corridors. Typically these doors are heavy to open for elderly residents, especially those with mobility aids and can shut too quickly for them to pass through unhindered. The result being that doors are often wedged open breaking fire safety regulations.

Both aspects of heavy doors can cause loss of balance, fear for the resident, and potentially even injury in the worst-case scenario. Eliminating these risks and creating a safe environment for every resident was a priority for the team at Russettings.

“Completing projects in an occupied and fully operational care home is a challenge, both for us at the care home and the workers carrying out the project. However, Fire Door Controls displayed great experience working in this type of situation and were sensitive to all staff and residents’ requirements.” – Sean Hurden, Russettings.



Installing Free-Swing door closers

Safety for residents was the priority. Providing ease of use and independence was possible with the installation of Freeway Anti-Slam door closers to bedroom doors throughout the building. The Freeway closer enables doors to be opened and closed without any resistance or closing force, making them easy to use for anyone with mobility issues or lacking strength.

Another feature of these closers is that they allow doors to be left in an open position at any angle but close in response to activation of the fire alarm. This was perfect for bedrooms in the Russettings care home, giving the residents freedom and independence.

The unique ‘Assisted Reset’ feature of the Freeway also enables maximum independence for those living in care homes. In order to reset the closer into free-swing mode after activation, the door can be opened in increments of as little as 15 degrees, rather than needing to be opened fully past 90 degrees in a single movement as required with most other makes. Therefore frail or disabled users can adjust their position and/or regain their strength and stability before increasing the opening angle. This removes the need for resetting to be done by carers after weekly alarm tests.


Freeway Anti-Slam


The ultimate free-swing solution for bedroom doors in residential care homes, and apartment front doors in retirement living and social housing settings.

  • Free-swing function with Anti-Slam
  • Unique ‘Assisted Reset’ Feature
  • Fixed closing speed complies with UK standards
  • Slimline profile allows closer to be positioned behind most doors

Fire Door Controls Process and Service

We provided Russettings with a complete service, from start to finish. The installation was fully managed and co-ordinated by the Fire Door Controls team, including liaison with the fire alarm maintainer and electrical contractor where necessary.

The team is made up of specialist installers with industry-leading discreet wiring techniques. This meant the project was quicker, and therefore more cost-effective, ultimately meaning less disruption for the residents and staff of Russettings.

“Fire Door Controls were professional from start to finish. They handled every aspect of the project, including advising us on what product would provide the best solution.” – Sean Hurden, Russettings.

To discuss any questions or specific requirements you have with one of our expert advisors please call direct on 0845 226 0536 or go to our Contact Us page.



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